Carl’s Jr – 1st Aussie Restaurant – Bateau Bay NSW- AUSTRALIA

A Long Weekend – what to do , lets drive 1.5 hrs to have lunch -fast food burger chain Carl’s Jr. has arrived in Australia and their first location is in the regional , Central Coast town of Bateau Bay. Carl’s Jr. is known for their provocative advertisements featuring Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian and their tagline is also “It’s gonna get messy.”

its Going to get messy
its Going to get messy

And just what is it like? When i arrived at Bateau Bay Square , the fun part was finding a car Spot.

‘Hand Scooped ‘ Chocolate shake

Well I had the ‘Famous Star with cheese’ – Had the Combo , this had chips -(Fries) and i got the ‘Chocolate Shake’ having had a Carl’s Jr in USA many years ago I wasn’t expecting Much- It was amazing for a fast food burger. McDonalds can be unforgetable , the Chocolate Shake was really nice, it tasted as good as it looked ! My Guest Had the Chargrilled chicken Club it was a Chargrilled chicken, bacon, melted swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato and mayo on a honey wheat bun.his combo came with onion rings and a coke, the chicken was good and thick , other chicken burgers sometimes you can wonder where the chicken is!

There where lines even today , not this long But!

They have a great system as its not a huge restaurant , so they worked out a line system. allowing a Few people in at a time and making sure the food has been severed before allowing more people in , our line took 5 mins. This photo is from opening day. Very friendly staff as well ! See below there TV Ads, I guess we might get some interesting TV adds !  Look below

Menu Board
Ok , what will it be
lining up
Being served


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